Little Finger EP

by Steaming Heathen

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Produced by Samuel D. Honeyman
Drums recorded by Lee Munday


released May 2, 2013

Samuel D. Honeyman



all rights reserved


Steaming Heathen UK

Waking in a hospital bed, it was instantly apparent that something was different. As well as an obvious sexier attitude, he had lost all memory, adopted a strong West Indian twang and would answer to nothing other than ‘Steaming Heathen’.

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Track Name: Can't find the Knack
Insomniac, I'm an insomniac
Morning creeping
Still no sleeping
Insomniac, I'm an insomniac
I just can't find the knack.

I've heard that sleep is for the weakest
Not the sleekest, just the bleakest
I've heard that sleep is for weakest
This is one thing I can't agree with.

Sheep with smug faces replaces normality
I've been awake for too long in reality
Heavy eyes improvise as the gloom drags on
I've been awake now for far too long.

Forty to catch and I scratch my head marvelling
I've been awake so long the rooms undarkening
No surprise the sunrise stops me anon
I've been awake now for far too long.
Track Name: Shadow of the Yew
From the distance you've set my world alight
With a sound that's as a dark as the night
Her voice is singing out.
There's no way
That I'm giving up
I won't deny the silhouette stood on the skyline
Her voice is ringing out my way.

As I turned to face a sound that I'd never heard before
Stared across the moor, the valley, past the tor.
The burned bright but shone low to hinder my view
So I fled within the shadow of Yew.

It's different now that she's in the frame
Captivated, a moth to the flame
Her voice is ringing out.

Won't ever throw in the towel
Hooked on you right now
I'll crack on, catch you up somehow.
Track Name: Threadbare
I'm threadbare
Been grown out of

Hand me down

I'm useless
Taking space up

I'm worn out
I need fixing

Hand me down

I'm past it
I'm past it

Hand me down to someone else
Track Name: Down & Out
I've tried to forget in so many way
But minutes turn to hours and then hours turn to days
Lodged in the past she never fails to amaze
No other turn of phrase than down and out.

Am I wrong?
In thinking logically
Should've gone by now, ancient history.

I'm laced with regret in so many ways
But weeks turn into years and years turn into decades
With luck i'm miles from being dealt the ace of spades
No other turn of phrase than down and out.

Demons that were dead and buried have spiralled right out of control
Surfaced from below

Demons that were dead and buried have taken full grasp of my soul
But only rightly so, see i'm a weaker man than most.