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by Steaming Heathen

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"'Cookies' is the lead track from Smad - the newly released EP by Steaming Heathen aka Kent-based artist Samuel D. Honeyman - most of which was recorded and produced in a kitchen, in the heart of his motherland, Gravesend. He describes it as "A Collection Of Visions From The Wonder Tundra" and consists of six miniature synthpop jewels - at 2:40 Cookies is by far the longest track on the release - all executed with an verve and exuberance that are completely compelling. I'm a sucker for well-made off-kilter pop music - partly because the very best pop music tends to be short and to the point. My single biggest quibble with 95% of the music we get sent is that it's simply too long: it's always better if instead of reaching for the fast-forward button your listeners find themselves hitting "replay" because the song was over too soon. On this basis I can warmly recommend the whole of Smad - the entire six songs can be enjoyed in under 8 minutes. Now that is class." - TOM ROBINSON, BBC6 MUSIC


"As an ambassador for the genre of 'wonky pop', Steaming Heathen deals in sounds that are as hot and wild as his name might suggest. The project of Gravesend -based musician Samuel D Honeyman, 'Cookies' was born in his Kent kitchen and is the lead single to be lifted from his BBC Introducing Mixtape-approved 'Smad' EP. As well as it's monstrously infectious synth-lead beat, we really like the embrace of the sense of DIY production and the possibilities that nurturing a creative idea can lead to. It may be a long way from when Samuel first 'picked up a Casio Rapman from the RSPCA shop and staring making beatz', but there is still an uncomplicated and unpretentious approach that results in a cracking little pop tune that'll stay stuck in your head for ages."-


Produced by Samuel D. Honeyman.
Drums by Lee Munday.


released March 13, 2013

Samuel D. Honeyman



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Steaming Heathen UK

Waking in a hospital bed, it was instantly apparent that something was different. As well as an obvious sexier attitude, he had lost all memory, adopted a strong West Indian twang and would answer to nothing other than ‘Steaming Heathen’.

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Track Name: Cookies
Store all your cookies on me
2K with your name on it
Terms and conditions free

Don't remind me
I trust your security
Stay put in my history
Come and go as you please

Store all your cookies on me
Take my data, use it later
Terms and conditions free

You can surf for all that it's worth
Track Name: Deutsche Mark
I used to think that
the only way forward
was alternate currency

But all those back then
weren't divisible by ten
Problematic they proved to be

You're my deutsche mark
Simple from the start
Track Name: Devil's Work
You're the Devil's work

With thoughts so sinister
A corrupt minister
Soulless eyes staring through my pane
and peering into porch again

You're the Devil's work
Track Name: Today of all Days
Should've caught the 492
and said farewell, then bid adieu
I have have been near half way home
But still don't hear the metronome

The sliding doors aren't sliding shut
That's just my luck
I don't need this today

Today of all days
This is the worst day
To sit on the tracks
and delay my train

I'm late, of all days
This is the worst day
To sit on the tracks
and delay my train

Inaudible announcement's loud
Might blow my fuse, a mushroom cloud
Departure boards still read delayed
Then enter the fire brigade
Track Name: Shuffle the Pack
You trumped me out
Your club beat my heart
I was following suit
But was dealt some awful cards

It's alright now
Might find some other game to fret about

Just shuffle the pack
Give me a chance
Red or black
Just let me advance

Because all I am
Is inglorious, never victorious

You trumped me out
Track Name: Beware of the Trickstas
Beware of the Trickstas.